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3 Must Dos to prepare for your Real Estate Photos

The FIRST impression a client often gets of your home is an online photo gallery! This means your home needs to show well right from the start. Professional Photos is one step to getting this accomplished, at we will help prepare your home (or your clients home) with suggestions of what has worked well for agents we have been working with for years.

Below are just a few of the first (and easiest) steps to make a difference.

1. Clear Clutter!! Your photographer will take steps to move items that are 'out of place' and make the most clutter free shot they can, but cleaning the house is not included. And a photo full of clutter implies a home not well maintained. So clear it up, take the shot, and make the sell!!

2. Add splashes of red!! It is shown that photos with a splash of color, especially red, get the attention of the Customer and draws them into the photo! Add a red pillow to the sofa, or a vase of red flowers, maybe a throw blanket. Add some color and catch that client's attention!

3. Add light!! Make sure all of the lightbulbs are fresh and the same colors in a room! Take the time and investment to put new lightbulbs in all areas that will be in the same shot! This makes for a much calmer approach and less confusing for the eye! So lighten up! And help your clients feel the home just by putting themselves in that relaxing but well lit environment!

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