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Senior Photos are due in How Many Days???

Now that the last official summer off from High School is passing, the high demands of your Senior Year are approaching quickly!! The submission date for Senior Photos is coming up fast! Photographers are filling their schedules for the deadline rush and there is no better time than now to book your appointment!

Waiting too long to book with a Professional Photographer such as typically will find students and parents in a rush and the idea of the new Photo App on your smart phone should do the job just fine!

But is that what you really want? Senior Photos should be fun, creative, with a gallery full of exciting images to choose from to forever embrace the pages of your Senior Yearbook! And leaving the work to the Professional and having the fun watching it all happen is really the fun of the shoot, right? Waiting, not so patiently, for the final product to come through is always such an exciting part of the process! I remember the anxious feelings myself, and am proud to watch it time and time again through the years as Seniors begin their last high school year and turn into amazing adults!

Before you attend your Senior Photo Shoot read through the Tips for Senior Photo Shoots here:

And don't forget to make it a great experience, avoid the rush and get booked quickly! Bring a friend and enjoy the experience together! Ask about the BFF Package that gets you some savings and provides some pictures of you and your BFF

together and individually! Most importantly, have fun! You only get to do this once so relax and make it a memorable event! And enjoy the images forever with your family and friends!

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