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5 Ways to Prepare for a great Senior Photo Shoot

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Your Senior Year only comes once! You will want the memories of this moment in time to be special and personal enough to show the real YOU in this time of your life! Letting your inner personality, love of sports, music, or whatever it is that makes you... well,, be remembered throughout time!

At we promise you will view your photos and not just see what our photographer posed you to be, but you will see yourself in these images. We will get to know you before the shoot to see what it is that you will want to portray in your images, and we will do it at a reasonable cost with opportunities for all budgets!

Below are a few tips to prepare for your Senior Photo Shoot!

1) Talk with the photographer ahead of time, be honest about your likes, dislikes, and how you want to be portrayed. If you have a favorite something you love about yourself, let them know so they can be sure that part of you shines through! If you have something you would rather not hi-lite, let them know that as well so they can work around it.

2. Keep clothing simple and appropriate. Your favorite sweater may have colorful prints all about, go ahead and bring it, but also bring some solid colors too. They portray best in photos, keeping the focus on you and not your sweater. Clothing that fits well, covers any under garments and you don't have to consistently fidget with will help the flow of the shoot, so be comfortable. Bring your favorite hat, scarf, shoes, and make sure they get into some of the shots too!

3. Have hair and make up prepared prior to the shoot. Most shoots are limited on the amount of time, so having everything prepared before hand will allow for more variations of shooting and clothing changes.

4. Leave cell phones in the car, at home, or at least off during the shoot. They can be very distracting and also eat into the time available for photos. Also, parents need to leave cell phones behind as well. Your professional photos will look much better in the images used by the professional photographer! And they are being paid to do it so may as well take advantage of their equipment!

5. Include the items that are most important to you in this time of your life. Perhaps a dog, a horse, a football and jersey, whatever it is that you want to show in your photos that you love! Sports, animals and your first car are all things that can be in your shoot. Just let your photographer know ahead of time and they can be sure there is plenty of time for all photos you desire!

Congratulations for making it to this point in your life! Have fun with it, and let yourself be they YOU that makes you happy and fulfilled! And we'll do the capturing of the moments!

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